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Successful OCR processing with good recognition is an important prerequisite for automated document processing. OCR software recognizes the content of letters from pixels on scanned papers, PDFs, and images, transforming the contents of these documents into editable digital texts.

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Digitalisation of business processes

Workflow solutions help companies to digitalise entire process flows, align them perfectly with one another and therefore work through tasks as efficiently as possible. They bring huge efficiency for different types of documents such as invoices, orders and order confirmations.

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Compliant with tangro

We have summarised how tangro helps you to process incoming invoices in SAP and S/4HANA in compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Learn more about timely entry and posting, completeness and correctness, safe retention and immutability, traceability and organisation.

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The most important factors for success

SAP IT projects are considered complex, lengthy and often prove to be a bottomless pit in financial terms. But there is another way. SAP projects can be fast and successful - if the application offers the right conditions for this. The software's features determine how quickly and easily it can be implemented.

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tangro processes swiss qr codes.

Swiss QR code with tangro

As of 30 June 2020, all invoice recipients in Switzerland must be able to process QR invoices. With tangro you're ready for this change. tangro is a long-standing expert in automated invoice processing and naturally also supports QR invoices.

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Following all the rules of AI

In the film ‘The Matrix’ machines took over the world. It’s a vision, which luckily hasn’t come true. Artificial intelligence is more about helping us make our daily lives easier. But So-called expert or rule-based systems also provide an excellent service in many areas.

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Digitalisation implemented pragmatically

Even though everyone is talking about digitalisation at the moment - it’s by no means a new idea. The exchange of structured electronic business data by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been taking place for decades. 

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Down to earth approach

One down-to-earth approach, which is already taking on the challenges of digital transformation, is the optimisation of e-mail- and paper-based processes. 

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Embedded in SAP

More efficiency

A system for processing inbound documents, which is embedded in SAP, offers high levels of efficiency: No interfaces and a GUI like SAP.

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