Optimisation of procurement processes

Process requirements easily
Create requirements in SAP and verify and approve by workflow.
tangro RM

Requisition Notes

With tangro RM (Requisition Notes Management) requirements are local captured and processed easy due to automated workflows. The purchasing department and the cost center manager are integrated by workflow. Accounting occurs early. After approval the SAP order is created automatically.

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Benefits at a glance

Approval processes when ordering

Approval also by mobile advices

No SAP-user for workflow required

Maximum transparency of all procurement processes

Automatic creation of the order

Early accounting

The process in five steps

Capturing a request

Requirements are created locally and electronically at the workplace.

Requirements are created locally and electronically at the workplace.

Workflow 1: Verification

Requisition Notes are transmitted by workflow to the purchasing department, verifyed and if necessary completed with information about material and supplier.

Verification and completation of request via workflow processes in SAP

Workflow 2: Approval

The approval by the cost center manager is obtained automatically via electronic workflow.

The approval is obtained automatically via electronic workflow.

Workflow 3: Allocation

The account assignment takes place at a early date also by workflow.

Early account assignment of requisiton notes via workflow


The order is created automatically and completed with purchasing-specific data if it is necessary.


Automatic creation of orders in SAP after allocation of requirements

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