Invoice processing completely digital

Invoices completely digital

Efficient and legally compliant

Fully automatically processing electronic invoices in ZUGFeRD and XRechnung or other international formats: tangro EDI Converter is the effective, rapid and secure route to e-invoicing. The content of invoices is transferred in full, checked automatically and posted directly to SAP with the invoice processing solution tangro IM. No scanning. No manual intermediate stages. The entire process is transparent and traceable. If necessary, the converter automatically initiates a workflow for clarification, information or approval. If the process comes to a standstill - as often happens in practice due to mapping discrepancies - the invoice data can be easily checked visually.

If the process comes to a standstill - as happens time and again in practice due to mapping discrepancies - the invoice data can be easily checked visually. If required, workflows can also be started for EDI documents for clarification, information or approval. 

tangro EDI Converter is easy to implement and flexibly adapts to your business processes. The processing and checking process is simplified through the use of innovative technologies.

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Support for the most important exchange formats

100 %, faultless recognition of electronic invoices

Direct posting in the background without manual intervention

Adherence with country-specific compliance regulations

Simple visual check in the event of discrepancies

No longer any need to store mountains of paper


Totally automatic processing

The entire content of electronic invoices is recognised. For reliable and correct further processing, tangro EDI Converter systematically adds all relevant data, such as source of supply and company code, to the invoice data. Perfect invoices can therefore be posted to SAP without delay.


Process electronic invoices quick and totally automatic with tangro.

Workflows as required

If necessary, the workflows for clarification, information or approval can be started. With the tangro Workflow the invoice data is automatically forwarded to the right agent or organisation responsible.


Flexible workflows for clarification, information and approval.

Invoices which look like PDFs

tangro EDI Converter automatically generates an image from the invoice data, which administrators can check visually just as they would a PDF invoice. Any discrepancies or empty fields can be easily seen at a glance thanks to the colour-coding.


You can check electronic data visually thanks to PDF image.
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