Automated Order entry with tangro Order Management

Incoming customer orders
tangro OM

Incoming Orders

The processing of customer orders is significantly accelerated with tangro OM (Order Management). The solution also maps variant configuration for materials without the need to jump to SAP. Time-consuming routine jobs like routing documents via internal mail and manual capturing of order data omitted. All orders are reliably captured, the loss of documents is precluded. Orders placed by phone can also be entered directly.

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Benefits at a glance

Efficient processes in customer service

Automatic assignment to the debitor

Full transparency and tracebility

Automatic recognition of the content

Electronic archiving

For all input channels

The process in five steps

Document receipt

Contents of orders received by fax or email are adopted automatically. Orders on paper are scanned. OCR-processing on system side and transfer of data to SAP. Orders placed by phone can also be entered directly with tangro.

Customer orders on paper, order data via E-Mail, EDI and Fax


Content such as customer and order number are automatically recognised, assigned to the debitor in SAP and compared to SAP data.

Automatic assignment and comparing of order data in SAP

Variant configuration

For configurable materials, the variant configurator in tangro OM maps the variant configuration directly, without jumping to SAP.


Receipt journal

Completely overview of all incoming orders in the receipt journal with status information. Position accurate preparation and comfortable verifying and postprocessing of the recognised data in the tailor-made tangro mask.

Completely overview of all incoming orders thanks to order receipt journal


Post of the sales document, e.g. as SD order in SAP. Fully automated posting in the background is possible.

Post of sales document as SD order in SAP


Simple research for customer order at any time.

Simple research for customer order at any time.
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