Posting complaints in SAP as a service notification

Service Orders in SAP
Capturing incoming complaints and claims automatically in SAP and create a service notification.
tangro SO

Service Orders

tangro SO (Service Order Processing) ensures greater efficiency by incoming documents are automatically captured and applied directly in SAP as a service order. The complaint handling is substantially accelerated, the employees in customer service have more time for useful activities.

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Benefits at a glance

Processing is sped up

Automatic customer search

Automated posting as service notification

Complete traceability

Electronic archiving

Reliable processing of all complaint documents

The process in five steps

Document receipt

Claims received on paper are scanned. Content of documents sent by fax server or email are adopted automatically. OCR-processing and transfer to SAP are following on system side.

Capture claims received on paper or via E-Mail or fax in SAP


tangro recognises the right customer and other relevant data automatically, such as material or order number and compares it to SAP data.

Automatic interpretation and assigning of claims in SAP


Preview of the claim as a document parking voucher with status information in the receipt journal. If it is necessary the document parking voucher simply can be postprocess or complete in the tangro mask.

Postprcess or complete incoming claims in SAP with tangro software


If the document parking voucher is consistent, the complaint can be immediately posted as a service notification in SAP.

Post incoming claims as service order in SAP with tangro software


Electronic archiving with ArchiveLink if this hasn't already been done during the interpretation process.

Archive all incoming claims in SAP via ArchiveLink
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