assign incoming documents automatically to the correct SAP-object

Assign documents automatically
Analyse incoming mail automatically and assign to the appropriate SAP object.
tangro DoC

Any Documents

Capture any documents electronically and assign to the correct SAP process - with tangro DoC (Document CheckIn), this is done automatically and thus reliably and quickly. Whether drawings, SEPA mandates and reminders in industrial companies or recipes and patient documents in the healthcare sector: tangro DoC automatically ensures correct storage with electronic archiving.

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Benefits at a glance


Automated capturing of any document types

Automatic assignment to the right SAP object

Simple retrieval

Electronic archiving

flexibly adaptable

The process in four steps

Document receipt

Any documents received on paper are scanned. Content of documents sent by fax server and email attachements are adopted automatically, processed by OCR on system side and transferred to SAP.

Receipt and capturing of all incoming documents in SAP


Contents are recognised intelligently and compared with existing SAP data records. A proposal for storage is generated.

Automatic interpretation and comparing of incoming documents in SAP


Automatic assignment of the documents to the existing SAP object. If necessary, manual assigning is also possible.

Automatic assignment of documents to the right SAP-object


Fast retrieval via SAP object. Intelligent function for filtering makes research easier.

Easy research thanks to intelligent function for filtering

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