Fast and efficient entry of delivery notes in SAP

Delivery Notes in SAP
Capturing an processing delivery notes automatically in SAP
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Delivery Notes

Optimise your procurement processes by the automated capturing and checking of delivery notes in SAP immediately upon receipt of the package. Processing is carried out in real time directly at the logistics work centre with the automatic comparison of purchase orders. Information on the goods receipt is available immediately and can be retrieved again.

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Benefits at a glance

Optimisation of purchasing processes

Automatic comparison with the purchase order

Capturing and verifying in real time upon delivery

Information on goods receipt is available immediately

Electronic archiving

Electronic workflows for release and information

The process in five steps

Real time document receipt

Electronic capturing of delivery note in real time and on system side upon delivery. Transfer of data to SAP.

Electronic capturing of delivery note upon delivery


Recognising the relevant data in real time. Automated assigning and comparising with SAP purchase order data.

Automatic assigning and comparising of delivery notes in SAP


Comfortable verifying and postprocessing with direct access to SAP. Electronic processing of the release and information processes with the tangro workflow.

Verify delivery notes in SAP with tangro Business workflows


Direct posting of the goods receipt in SAP by clicking. Archiving via ArchiveLink if this has not already been done during the interpretation.

Direct posting of the goods receipt in SAP.


Complete traceability as the document is assigned to the purchase order in SAP.

Complete traceability by assigning the document to the order in SAP.

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