Enter letters of referral automatically in SAP

Letters of referral automatically
Processing letters of referral automatically in SAP.
tangro IS-H Case

Letters of referral

IS-H Case electronically enters letters of referral, automatically compares the content with the data in SAP IS-H and automatically assigns the case to the master data for the corresponding doctor and health insurance fund. At the same time, the document is electronically stored in the archive system. The time and work involved in processing letters of referral is reduced considerably and correct storage is guaranteed. The documents can be accessed again at any time.

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Benefits at a glance

Direct access to master data in SAP IS-H

Reduction in manual work

Automatic assignment

Electronic archiving

Faster processing

Continuous improvement of the quality of the SAP master data

The process in four steps

Document receipt

Letters of referral on paper are scanned in and the relevant information read using text recognition (OCR) or a barcode, if present. The recognised content is compared with the existing case data in SAP IS-H.

Capture letters of referral automatically in the SAP system


Consistent letters of referral are stored and electronically archived directly in SAP IS-H without any further manual input.

letters of referral are automatically compared with the data in SAP IS-H.


Selectable work lists are produced by tangro for letters of referral in which the system has detected discrepancies. The individual documents are postprocessed in the clear and comprehensible all-in-one mask. This displays not only the content detected but also existing data from SAP IS-H and the scanned document image.

All-in-on mask for postprocessing of letters of referral


As the document is assigned to the correct case in SAP IS-H, it can be found again later on at speed. So the document is always available should there be any queries, e.g. when treating the patient.

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Heidelberg University Hospital uses tangro software for processing of letters of referral.
With tangro IS-H Case, we will achieve a considerable reduction in work for our employees. Letters of referral will be processed in a few minutes.
Berthold Leiter Heidelberg University Hospital
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