Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

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Document processing with artificial intelligence

AI for more efficiency with incoming documents

Accelerate your business processes with AI technology from tangro for document processing in SAP! Our AI strategy aims to offer our customers real added value.

tangro has decades of experience in the development and use of rule-based AI technology for document processing in SAP and S/4HANA. We have specifically expanded our proven software with machine and deep learning AI processes to further increase the efficiency and accuracy of your specific use cases. Our AI strategy is based on two central pillars: On a swarm AI in the cloud for automated data extraction and on a local, customized AI for the optimization of specific use cases of your document processing. With tangro, you benefit from a unique combination of proven recognition methods and state-of-the-art AI technology. Rely on the future of AI-supported document processing!

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Swarm AI in the cloud

Data recognition with AI

Optimize your document processing with tangro's cloud-based swarm AI for intelligent data extraction and classification. To do this, we combine the pre-trained cloud AI of our technology partner Parashift with our proven document processing software to create tangro swarm AI. Our swarm AI recognizes your document content regardless of layout and structure and delivers reliable and precise results even for documents that are difficult to read. As a cloud solution, our swarm AI is hardware-independent and GDPR-compliant.

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Intelligent solutions for your use cases

Customized AI 

tangro's customized AI optimizes your specific use cases in document processing with AI applications tailored to your requirements, for example in order entry:

Sample layouts for incoming orders

Our customized AI automatically generates sample layouts for your customer orders based on your master data and automates the item-specific recognition of your incoming customer orders. By combining automated sample layouts with proven layout-based recognition, tangro records your customer orders precisely and error-free.

Variant configuration with AI

Material variants in orders are automatically recognized by tangro's tailor-made AI, optimizing your customer-specific order entry. Through continuous learning cycles based on your historical order data, the AI continues to improve. Your order processing is significantly accelerated and further refined.

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AI from tangro - these are your benefits

Efficiency by reducing manual activities

Maximum process acceleration

Document recognition without prior training

Results independent of layout or quality

Automatic recognition of material variants

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