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Numbers say it for us

To be the leading the specialist in inbound document management means for us: We don't waste a lot of words, but we'll let the numbers do the talking. And let the customers say it for us.

With tangro software each year 50 mio. documents are processed.

50.000.000 DOCUMENTS

per year on average are processed automatically with tangro per year. This includes invoices, orders, order confirmations and many others.

tangro solutions are used by more than 100.000 user

100.000 USER

use tangro software for processing incoming documents in SAP. This enables the processing speed to be increased, the amount of paper waste to be reduced, and a significant improvement in the transparency.

More than 1000 installations of tangro software exist worldwide.


worldwide testify of our recognition. And this number is increasing continuously.

300 companies uses software solutions from tangro.

300 customers

use tangro software. Our solutions can be used in any industry.

tangro software is used in 25 countries worldwide.


in which tangro solutions are in use. For example in Suisse and Austria, in Benelux and in Scandinavia. In France, Great Britain, Spain, in the United States, in Canada and in China.

tangro software is available in 10 different languages


in which our software is available. So you'll certainly find the version you need.


increase of incoming order processing, for example at DAW.

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