Automated processing and verifying of Order confirmations in SAP

verify order confirmations automatically
Automatically processing and verifying of incoming order confirmations
tangro OC

Order Confirmations

More efficiency, reliability and transparency in the processing of order confirmations you achieve with tangro OC (Order Confirmation). The software recognizes content such as material number, price and quantity automatically and compares this data with the SAP order. If the document is consistent, it can be booked. tangro OC processes contract confirmations automatically too.

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Benefits at a glance

Efficient processes in the purchasing department

More safety in supply

Automatic comparison with order data

Full transparency

For all input channels

Electronic archiving

The process in five steps

Document receipt

Scanning order confirmations received on paper. Automated transfer of electronic data as from fax and email. OCR-processing on system side with transfer of interpretable data to SAP.

Receipt of order confirmations in SAP


Interpretation of the recognised content on system side, automated assigning and comparing with SAP order data in SAP ERP.

Automatic interpretation and comparing of order confirmations in SAP

Receipt journal

Completely overview of all incoming order confirmations in the receipt journal with status information. Position accurate preparation in the tailor made tangro mask. 

Completely overview of all order confirmations in the receipt journal


Comfortable verifying and postprocessing with direct access to SAP-order. If necessary, the clarification of discrepancies is automated via tangro workflow.

Simply postprocessing of order confirmations with tangro in SAP


Simple Post of order confirmation by pressing a button. Archiving via ArchiveLink if this has not already been done during the interpretation.

Post and archive order confirmations with tangro in SAP
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