Electronic Workflows for clarifying and more

Electronic Workflows
Process approval processes on mobile devices - also non-SAP-user.
tangro BWF


tangro BWF (Business Workflow) automates the release and approval processes in your company and ensures transparent, controllable and traceable processes for incoming invoices, orders, order confirmations and delivery notes. Approval procedures are accelerated many times over, the processing costs are reduced to a minimum.

Viewing and editing workflow tasks can be done either with a desktop solution or through a web application. Handling is very easy, even for non-SAP users. Requests for approval can be processed on mobile devices.

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Benefits at a glance

Automation of all processes for release, approval and information etc.

Support for mobile devices

Single Sign-On for all modern browser

Can be used by non-SAP user

Significant acceleration of processes

Complete transparency due to selectable workflow list

The process in four steps

Workflow tasks

Access to tangro BWF mobile directly from the home screen of the mobile device via Single Sign-On. For checking the upcoming inquiries the required documents are displayed directly.

Start tangro Business Workflow directly from home screen of mobile devices

Different approval scenarios

As per your company guidelines and auditing requirements, a document can be forwarded to the relevant responsible person for release. If an employee is absent, their proxy will receive their processing request.

Forward documents according to the auditing requirements and substitution rules

Automatic reminder

The workflow initiator can also include a schedule date in order to set a deadline for processing. If the deadline is exceeded, the system will automatically send out reminder e-mails.

Automatic sending of reminder e-mails if processing deadline is exceeded


Approval or rejection takes place in SAP or on any mobile device via a browser. The documents needed to check the upcoming tasks are available directly. For processing via a browser, no SAP user is required.

Approval or rejection by simply clicking on the corresponding link
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