Dräger: Automated order processing with tangro

200.000 orders each year rapidly and faultless

The leading international company Dräger manufactures products that are used worldwide in the field of medical and safety technology. tangro-Software helps to ensure that the required goods reach the customer quickly: The solution processes approximately 200,000 orders each year automatically, rapidly and faultlessly in SAP – worldwide. Anja Jäger, a key user at Dräger.:

“I am very satisfied with tangro. tangro is able to identify the ordering party and order content automatically in 80 percent of orders.”

tangro is able to record orders submitted by email or fax. There is no longer any need to select the customer number or to type, and no more data entry errors. Instead: Better quality master data and in particular: More time for customer communication and tracking orders. Christin John, who is also responsible for tangro at Dräger in her capacity as a key user:

“At our USA site, the amount of work required when entering orders has decreased by 50 percent."

tangro came out top because the solution offers maximum flexibility, is easy to use and, through customising, is exceptionally easy to adapt to Dräger’s specific requirements. Implementation is also extremely rapid using tangro. Within three months tangro was being used productively by Dräger. Anja Jäger:

“The project was executed within the scheduled time frame and was well organised.”

An additional benefit of tangro was the fact that the software could be run with S/4HANA without any time-consuming modifications. There are therefore no obstacles to the switch to S/4HANA, which is scheduled for next year. The first tests have already been performed successfully.

  • Industry
    Products of medical and safety technology
  • Headquarter
    Lübeck (GE)
  • Subject
    Incoming Orders
  • Volume of documents
    200,000 orders/year

Up to 50% reduction in workload for entering orders

Easily adaptable to company-specific requirements

Rapid implementation in 3 months

In 80% of orders automatic identification of ordering party

KPIs: Automatic identification of optimisation possibilities

S/4HANA First test already performed successfully

Rollouts in other foreign subsidiaries also run smoothly with tangro. “We constantly receive new requests from colleagues in other countries” says Anja Jäger. Accordingly, tangro is now used by Dräger throughout the world: In addition to the European countries, also, for instance, in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Dräger’s key users implement the rollouts independently.

tangro identifies the ordering party for each order automatically and also identifies the purchase order number, material data, number of units, prices and partners. “tangro makes the work much easier” concludes Christin John.

“We have fewer errors in the order, fewer returns and less need for clarification.”

The key figures recorded automatically by tangro demonstrate where and how additional improvements can be made. Anja Jäger:

“The KPIs in tangro OM are very good. They allow us to see at a glance the biggest levers for making additional improvements.”

The feedback from the individual foreign subsidiaries regarding the automation solution has accordingly been positive. The initial scepticism about the new solution has given way to total enthusiasm. “Its use and acceptance is much better than we had originally expected” says Anja Jäger with satisfaction.

“There are many countries that record over 90 percent of their orders using tangro.”

We have fewer errors in the order, fewer returns and less need for clarification.
Anja Jäger (r) and Christin John Key-User, Market Fullfilment at Dräger


Dräger company products protect, support and save lives. The leading international company manufactures products that are used worldwide in the field of medical and safety technology including, for example, in hospitals, fire departments and ambulance services. Dräger has more than 15,000 employees worldwide and is represented in approximately 190 countries worldwide. The company operates on site in approximately 50 countries using its own sales and distribution companies.


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