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Invoices and order confirmations: comprehensive document processing

All of the incoming invoices and order confirmations at Arburg - manufacturers of injection moulding machines and additive manufacturing systems for plastics processing-are processed automatically with tangro solutions. These automated systems enable the processing speed to be increased, the amount of paper waste to be reduced, and a significant improvement in the transparency of document processing. The number of documents coming in to Arburg in any given year lies in the six figure range. The Swabian machine builders receive not only invoices but also order confirmations via post, fax, and email.

A comprehensive solution, which could automatically process not only invoices but also order confirmations, promised the highest potential for improving efficiency. "tangro was the first provider to fully understand our comprehensive approach and streamlining of all processes, and who was able to fully meet all of our invoice and order confirmation processing requirements", says Andreas Dümmler, Director Information Systems at Arburg. tangro IM (Invoice Management) has been active, for invoice verification, at Arburg since 2011; one year later the automated processing of order confirmations followed with tangro OC (Order Confirmation).

tangro OC recognizes any relevant content, such as material number, manufacturer's part number, delivery date, price, and quantity and checks these data against the order in SAP. If the document matches, it can be posted immediately.

  • Industry
    Mechanical engineering
  • Headquarter
  • Subject
    Incoming Invoices
    Order Confirmations
  • Volume of documents
    six figure range volume/year
Software solutions from tangro optimise processes at Arburg

Secure processes in purchasing

Quick processing of invoices and order confirmations

Automatic comparison with the order

Posting within seconds

Visual check of EDI documents

Easy research

The ten members of staff at Arburg who work with tangro OC are more than satisfied with the new solution. And that's not just because processing happens much faster now. One big plus point of automated document processing with tangro is, above all, how much more transparency the solution offers. With just the document number, the staff member can open up the file and the corresponding order, order confirmation, delivery note, and invoice are immediately visible on-screen.

Equally important is that reliable processing of documents is ensured. It is this reliability which is crucial for Arburg, because it ensures the correct materials are available in the factory and therefore the timely production of the injection moulding machines.

Automated document processing with tangro solutions at Arburg
Only a confirmed order is a guaranteed process - and with tangro we have significantly increased the security of that process.
Albrecht Schaber Team Leader Purchasing
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