tangro Inbound Suite at Wieland Electric

Process overview

Wieland Electric uses tangro software for the automated processing of order acknowledgements, invoices and customer orders in SAP and, with it, has optimised its processes seamlessly and across different departments. 

“The determining factor for us was the holistic thinking employed at tangro and their continuous support for the subsequent purchasing sub-processes.”

“This means that in addition to incoming invoices, tangro solutions also process order acknowledgements. The range of services also includes a solution for processing customer orders. This broad spectrum was important to us," explains Marcella Urlaub, SAP Inhouse Finance Consultant at Wieland.

"All the modules offer the same technology, are structured identically, and have the same user interface. Each module is therefore easy to navigate, both for IT staff providing technical support and for users.”

Another key point when choosing the system was the ability to embed the tangro software into SAP. This enables users to access the SAP master data and transaction data directly during processing, without the need to switch to a different environment.

“Double-clicking in tangro takes you to the SAP standard environment which is great. The user can jump directly to the vendor master file while processing an invoice for example and check that the bank details are correct. I can be sure that the data I am viewing and accessing is correct and up to date.”

  • Industry
    Electrical and electronics
  • Headquarter
    Bamberg (DE)
  • Subject
    Incoming invoices, order confirmations and orders
  • Volume of documents
    63,000 invoices and 15,000 order confirmations/year

Support of all processes in purchasing

Same structure and user interface for all modules

Direct access to master and transaction data

Very good capture quality

Extreme quick rollout

Faster throughput for invoices, order confirmations and orders

The tangro solution for the automated processing of orders is now in use at all sales subsidiaries: In addition to Germany, it is also in use in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

The automated invoice processing has also been rolled out internationally: To France and recently also to Spain. Marcella Urlaub oversaw this implementation herself and is impressed by how simple it was:

“The tangro rollout was extremely quick. The technical implementation in Spain was done in one day.”

The entire purchasing process at Wieland is now optimised such that barely any manual effort is needed to process 15,000 or so order acknowledgements and around 63,000 invoices per year. Since requirements are always requested by purchase requisition, an order is generated from this automatically and is sent to SAP directly. tangro then uses the order information to verify the corresponding order acknowledgement. For this purpose, the software captures all the relevant content from the PDFs (order acknowledgements are almost exclusively sent by email) and interprets the contents. Marcella Urlaub:

“What previously took several days is now done in one day. By automatically scanning and detecting the content, we eliminate the need for manual document entry. This is the same for invoices, order acknowledgements or orders.”

The tangro rollout was extremely quick.
Marcella Urlaub SAP Inhouse Consultant Finance

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