Industry: Kitchen manufacturing

Tailormade invoice verification

Following an ultra-short implementation phase of only several weeks, tangro IM is now guaranteeing the automated processing of invoices at EWE, the Austrian kitchen manufacturer. As tangro IM is embedded in SAP, employees can access master data in SAP at any time, ensuring that invoices are verified quickly and efficiently and all data/application flows are tailored specifically to the needs of EWE.

Around 60,000 paper-based invoices are received every year. According to Dieter Denk, "tangro IM operates as smoothly as we had hoped it would," and the solution was also implemented in an extremely short time. EWE was also able to retain its existing scanning solution. The pricing model was a further key point in tangro's favour, as, unlike other solutions, it is individually based on the volume of documents of a company

"tangro guarantees one hundred percent direct access to the right data in SAP. From tangro IM, I can go directly to my suppliers, into the general ledger, into materials management - without an intermediate step. This makes invoice verification particularly effective," states Dieter Denk.

tangro is "not added on but is really in the SAP system itself," says Dieter Denk. This means that the invoice verification system directly accesses suppliers' master data and materials management data in SAP - entirely without the need for interfaces.

  • Industry
    Kitchen manufacturing
  • Headquarter
    Wels (A)
  • Subject
    Incoming Invoices
  • Volume of documents
    60,000 invoices/year
Automated verification of incoming invoices at EWE Küchen

Increased efficiency in invoice verification

Reduced manpower requirements

Reliably taking of cash discounts

Better traceability

Direct access to data in SAP

The automated workflows in tangro, tailored precisely to the needs of EWE, also provide for greater efficiency in invoice verification. Hermann Gischka adds: "The workflow design is a key feature of the system for me, as employees can use the system with ease even if they don't work with SAP every day."

The invoice receipt book in tangro IM means that all incoming invoices are entered at a central point. "We now know at any time what invoices we have within the company and what status they all have," explains Dieter Denk. "Using the workflow audit trail, it is possible to trace with 100% certainty what has happened to an invoice, who approved it and when and to which account it has been assigned."

EWE Küchen optimises invoice verification with tangro software
We have become considerably more efficient with invoice verification.
Hermann Gischka Authorised signatory and Head of Finance and Accounting
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