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Automated invoice verification

At BAUHAUS, a leading trading firm and workshop, home and garden specialist tangro solutions ensure efficient invoice verification processes. With tangro around 700 own-needs invoices are automatically processed and verifyied in SAP every day.

For automatic invoice verification, BAUHAUS was looking for a very easy-to-use SAP add-on that would keep support needs to a minimum in spite of the large number of stores. The system also had to provide workflow management. The company opted for tangro IM for invoice processing and tangro BWF for release and approval. Both systems are extremely straightforward to use.

Thanks to the automatic processing of invoices with tangro, processes are now efficient and much faster. Invoices no longer have to be sorted but can be forwarded straight to head office. Here, the documents are pre-sorted, scanned and added to the SAP system according to company code. Release and approval take place automatically with tangro BWF, making these processes much faster than before.

  • Industry
  • Headquarter
  • Subject
    Incoming Invoices
  • Volume of documents
    255,000 invoices/year
tangro Business Workflow ensures higher efficiency at Bauhaus

Efficient invoice verification processes

Faster release and approval

Reliably taking cash discounts

Concentration on more valuable things

Higher transparency

Full mirroring of organizational structures

"Today it takes no more than three days to approve and post an invoice. The whole invoice verification process is so much quicker that we can reliably take cash discounts. The dunning team can now concentrate on more important things, namely goods invoices", says Lutz Fiedler, Assistant to Management (Finance).

In tangro IM, users can see at a glance the processing status of an invoice and who is currently holding the document for approval. tangro provides fast, reliable information, significantly improving transparency in invoice verification – because the electronic copy of a document can be viewed at any time with just a click. This allows administrators to answer questions about an invoice immediately. 

The finance team can easily keep on top of the higher volume of invoices. "Thanks to tangro IM and tangro BWF we've achieved such an increase in efficiency that we were able to handle the additional demands without taking on additional staff," says Lutz Fiedler.

BAUHAUS now uses tangro in nine countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia and the Czech Republic. tangro BWF is fully able to handle the different approval processes in the various locations.

Bauhaus relies von tangro in invoice processing.
Because it‘s SAP-embedded, tangro offers the most integrated concept. We were also impressed by tangro‘s many years of SAP expertise.
Lutz Fiedler Assistant to Management (Finance)
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