tangro und INCTEC launch partnership

Together for the smart automation of business processes: The two software companies incontext.technology (INCTEC) and tangro software components have just announced a partnership to jointly realise projects for the smart digitalisation of processes.

The close cooperation enables the two companies to network internal and cross-company processes in a highly integrated manner and to provide innovative solutions for intelligent automation. The common goal: to drive innovation in order to further accelerate the digital transformation in industry.

tangro supports companies in the digitalisation of business processes by automating document-based workflows in SAP and S/4HANA. Solutions from the tangro Inbound Suite process all relevant business documents in purchasing, finance and customer service and enable end-to-end digital processes in the areas of purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash. tangro solutions are characterised by maximum usability, flexible adaptability and rapid implementation.

With "Smart Monitoring", INCTEC supports companies in the manufacturing industries and the circular economy in increasing efficiency and improving productivity in their operational processes. With the help of intelligent software, data from machines, IT systems and processes are evaluated in such a way that process deviations are detected at an early stage and malfunctions or defects are prevented. This enables the customer to make its production even more efficient and improve its maintenance and quality assurance.

Partnership tangro INCTEC
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