Digitalization now!

The Corona pandemic poses major challenges for companies. Digitization is becoming even more urgent than before. Business units need to be restructured, processes need to be set up to withstand crises. Now is exactly the time to become truly digital. tangro offers the right solution.

tangro software automatically captures and processes incoming business documents in SAP, digitizing business processes right from the start. No matter how the documents are received - by mail, fax, e-mail or EDI. tangro software recognizes the relevant content, interprets it directly in SAP, compares it with the master and transaction data and makes the values available for further processing and posting. If required, the processing can also take place fully automatically in the background without the intervention of a clerk.

If employees are to be involved in the processes for checking, account assignment and approval, electronic workflows also handle this process automatically. The entire process is accelerated and is completely transparent and traceable.

At the same time, tangro fulfills another decisive criterion for seamless digital processes: the software is SAP-embedded. This means that there is always direct access to SAP master and transaction data during document processing-nothing has to be exchanged, nothing has to be reconciled. Even posting is done with the original SAP transactions.

Whether incoming orders, order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices, with tangro employees process these documents without delay, even in the home office. Companies get digital processes that successfully help through the crisis. And continue to work effectively afterwards.

tangro solutions for more digitalization in your company.
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