Record numbers attend the 2018 tangro customer day

With more than 170 participants, the 2018 tangro customer day was a hugely successful event, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Heidelberg-based software company: “great organisation and good presentations”, “a fantastic event – it couldn't have been any better,” these are just a couple of examples of feedback from attendees.

tangro's Managing Director Andreas Schumann was also delighted with the event, which took place at the Heidelberger Print Media Academy in perfect weather: "The incredible atmosphere and the positive feedback reflect the close relationships we have established with our customers over the company's 20-year history. For us the customer day is an important opportunity to further strengthen our customer relations and learn even more about the needs and requirements of our users."

Under the motto of "Tackling digitalisation together", this year's customer day focused on pragmatic solutions for the digital transformation. "Don't panic, instead take one small step forwards at a time," advised Managing Director Andreas Schumann in his opening address with moderator Peter M. Färbinger when discussing the opportunities afforded by digital transformation. To mark the company's big anniversary, the company founder also talked about key moments in tangro's history and outlined future developments.

The subject of the key note speech which followed was relativisation of the hype surrounding digitalisation: Under the title "The myths of digitalisation", Professor Hendrik Send entertained the audience by clearing up common half-truths and drawing attention to the key aspects of digital transformation. The subsequent product presentations then highlighted how digitalisation options can be implemented in specific cases thanks to end-to-end automation of e-mail- and paper-based company processes. The presentations also included new products and features, which come with the tangro Inbound Suite for automated document processing and therefore help even more to improve processes in financial accounting and sales and distribution.

The speakers also showed how the entire process chain from order and time recording to invoicing can be processed automatically. The focus here was on the new tangro solutions in the cloud, which seamlessly dovetail with existing document processing products. Customers wanting specific information about individual products were catered for in the break-out sessions in the afternoon - either in the form of practical talks or detailed presentations on function and range of services. All the attendees seemed to be very interested in a talk into the legal aspects of indirect use of SAP licences.

To close the event and taking the motto of the day as his inspiration, iPad magician Andreas Axmann demonstrated other ways of using the new technologies and provided an entertaining close to the day in the auditorium - and plenty for attendees to discuss in the get-together afterwards. Not only did the customer day reach new heights in terms of the topics discussed - the catering was outstanding too: starting with the come-together on the evening before the event, at which award-winning chef Martin Scharff served up his delicacies, and the food and drink available during the day to the quality nibbles available at the relaxed evening closing event.

A great event: the tangro customer day 2018.
tangro celebrates its 20th anniversary at the tangro customer day
tangro celebrated its customer day at the Print Media Academy Heidelberg.
Interview with Andreas Schumann at the tangro customer day
The tangro Customer Day 2018 was a complete success.
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