BARC conference 'Digital Finance & Controlling 2019'

Become better in the finance sector through digitization, automation and data usage? The BARC conference 'Digital Finance & Controlling' from 20 to 22 May 2019 in Würzburg presents starting points for the digitization of financial processes. tangro will be attending a practical lecture on May 22st.

IT expert Willi-Gerd Schmitz from the Hager Group will report on the third day of the BARC conference, how invoice processing at Hager has been improved and accelerated by an automation and he will give tips on software selection and process design. At the Hager Group, approximately 100,000 invoices are automatically recorded and processed annually using tangro software. From scanning documents, to pre-recording, to sending documents for approval, all processes are electronic and paperless, reliable and transparent. With tangro, Hager has opted for a software that is embedded in SAP, making it easy to implement and easy to maintain. Willi-Gerd Schmitz reports on project, benefits and learnings.

More information about the event and tickets you can get here.

tangro at the BARC conference with its own reference presentation.
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