Send and receive data without converter

Share data without converter
SAPtoSAP connects your SAP system to the SAP system of your business partner
tangro SAPtoSAP

Exchange documents seamlessly

tangro SAPtoSAP is the simple and secure way to share data electronically and seamlessly connect your SAP system with that of your business partner. Invoices, purchase orders or order confirmations - automatic, complete recognition is guaranteed. The business documents are loaded directly into SAP and posted immediately. No scanning. No postprocessing. No mistakes. Unlike EDI, SAPtoSAP is free of charge and doesn't require a converter.

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Benefits at a glance

Free of charge

Converter not needed for sender and recipients

No paper, printing or postage costs

No bilateral negotiations

Transfer directly from SAP using SAP mail

Direct posting in background

The process in three steps

Sending via SAP mail

Documents, such as invoices, purchase orders and order confirmations, are transfered directly from the SAP system using SAP mail. A converter is not needed.

Documents are sent directly from the SAP system via SAP mail

Transfer of structured data

Bilateral negotiations are not needed because SAPtoSAP simply transfers the content of the document as structured data - nothing more and nothing less.

Invoice data are send directly from SAP system via SAP mail

Direct posting

Data can be posted directly without manual input. No duplicate entries, no mistakes and no needs for paper records on recipient side. No paper, printing or postage costs on sender side.

The invoice can be posted directly without postprocessing.
SAPtoSAP-method from tangro is used at Schneeberger
We use SAPtoSAP for the sending of invoices and for the automated processing of incoming documents and thus save time and money. Document data is recognized to one hundred percent, there is no need for paper records and franking is not required.
Nathalie Flury Team leader SAP, Schneeberger AG
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