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A digital approach for invoices too

Thüga SmartService, a digital service provider to the energy industry, and its customers are using tangro to process incoming invoices in SAP; a step which has improved efficiency and transparency in document processing. tangro is the software of choice for such work as it offers a key advantage. Günter Weigl, ERP expert at Thüga SmartService:

“tangro is embedded in SAP. This is of massive benefit for us and our customers because it allows us to access SAP and the master data stored in it directly and to post straight to SAP.”

Many other similar solutions are simply linked to the SAP system via interfaces, meaning that SAP master data, such as cost centers, internal orders, suppliers and G/L accounts, would have to always be transferred out of SAP for processing in external systems before being transferred back in again afterwards.

“With tangro, nothing has to be compared because you’re already working in SAP. If a cost center is blocked in SAP, then it's blocked in tangro too."

Thüga SmartService has been using the invoice processing solution for eleven years now; both at its own three sites in Naila, Munich and Freiburg and now also for 25 of its customers. And this is a figure which is growing all the time. Firstly because there is an increase in demand for digital solutions from many companies – further prompted by the current Covid situation. Secondly, electronic invoicing is now mandatory for many public contracts, and therefore absolutely essential in the energy sector too. Sven Class, Head of Sales & Marketing at Thüga SmartService:

“Using tangro means that e-invoicing is automatically implemented, too. Our customers get a solution, that has been tested over the years and has been proven to work reliably.”

  • Industry
    Digital service provider to the energy industry
  • Headquarter
    Naila (GE)
  • Subject
    Incoming Invoices
tangro Invoice Management at Thüga SmartService and their customers.

Direct access to SAP data

Posting straight into SAP

Proven e-invoicing solution

Fast, transparent, traceable invoice processing

Implementation can be done in two weeks

Easy switch to S/4HANA

Not only is invoice processing with tangro faster, it is also more reliable and more transparent. And it’s completely traceable because while processing is under way, the invoice, workflow log and if necessary other relevant documents are automatically archived at the same time – either in the central Thüga SmartService archive or at the customers’ premises if they have their own archive. The details of the invoice processing process are tailored to the requirements of the customer. Günter Weigl:

“In this respect, tangro is like a Lego kit, which we can put together to suit the individual needs of our customers.”

Automated invoice processing can also be set up at great speed.

“tangro can be implemented in two weeks.”

Customer staff require very little training. Most of Thüga SmartService’s customers are using the automated invoice processing solution on R/3, one company is already using it on S/4HANA and others will follow in 2021. The SAP-embedded nature of the software is a blessing here too, explains Günter Weigl:

“The pilot customer who made the switch found it to be very simple and experienced no problems because tangro is also embedded in S/4HANA. The logic is exactly the same.”

All that is needed at the other companies is for it to be rolled out. So by working with tangro, Thüga SmartService is steaming ahead with digitalisation – for itself and its customers. And satisfaction levels are high, as Günter Weigl says:

“tangro is a very reliable solution, we’ve been using it for over eleven years and it proves itself time and again,” says Günter Weigl.

Thüga SmartService relies on solutions from tangro.
Using tangro means that we are automatically implementing the electronic invoicing regulation.
Sven Class Head of Sales & Marketing at Thüga SmartService.

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Thüga SmartService GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thüga AG with sites in Naila, Munich and Freiburg. As a service provider to Thüga, Thüga SmartService is a one-stop shop for its customers, providing services including modular software solutions, operational services and specialist know-how for their core business and new business areas. One focal point of its work is SAP platform solutions focusing on ERP (R/3 and S/4HANA) and statements of consumption (SAP IS-U) as well as digital marketing and service platforms.

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