Creaton: Invoice verification on S/4HANA

Quick, efficient and easy to implement

Creaton processes incoming invoices with tangro software automatically at all locations using S/4HANA on the cloud, private edition. This allows for successful implementation precisely within the required time frame. “Everything worked as we had planned” says Matthias Meir, Head of Procurement & Photovoltaics at Creaton.

“Using tangro we have implemented a solution with S/4HANA on the cloud which runs smoothly and is fun.”

The software is being used across the entire group of companies by a total of 1,300 employees at every location in Germany, Poland, Hungary and Belgium. It is being used in English, German, Polish and Hungarian. And with different customising approaches depending on the circumstances in the country. This flexible adaptability has proved important because at Creaton purchasing has a different range of tasks in each individual country and operates differently. Hence there are country-specific recipient groups and specific workflows depending on the company code. “Clean processes and accurate allocation are important to us” says Matthias Meir.

“tangro is completely flexible. We were able to reproduce all of the workflows that we have and use on S/4 using tangro, customised differently in each case for the country-specific areas. It worked very well.“

tangro was used as a software for processing incoming business documents because the solution was already known and had proved itself at Creaton. Order processing had already been successfully automated using tangro years ago. For this reason, they wanted to back the same provider for invoice processing. Added to this was the certainty that S/4HANA projects can quite feasibly be implemented within a year using tangro.

Regarding the project Matthias Meir said: “It all worked but it was very demanding.” The colleagues from order processing thought that it would be a difficult task to implement automated invoice processing in different countries in six languages and with countless different workflows. According to Meir, “During the course of the project there were challenges and improvements had to be made throughout”. But in the end it worked. Automated invoice processing using S/4HANA went live on schedule at Christmas – with the required range of services and precisely within the required time frame.

  • Industry
    Expert for pitched roof solutions
  • Headquarter
    Wertingen (GE)
  • Subject
    Incoming Invoices
  • Volume of documents
    40,000 Invoices/Year

Automated invoice verification using S/4HANA private cloud

Quick implementation in S/4HANA private Cloud

Flexible adaptability to country-specific processes

All workflows reproducible in S/4HANA using tangro

Inclusion of non-SAP users

Easy to use

At Creaton, tangro has automated the processing of MM invoices which are based on a SAP purchase order, as well as FI invoices submitted without a purchase order reference. In each case, tangro identifies the relevant document content such as supplier, quantities and prices, and transfers this data to a parked document. This can be posted directly in S/4HANA, if everything is consistent. Alternatively, workflows are started if the solution has identified deviations e.g. in quantities and prices. tangro automatically specifies the workflow recipient(s), also including non-SAP users.

The tangro solution even covers special cases. Matthias Meir, for instance, finds the tangro option for rejecting invoices within the system - and in a completely traceable manner within the log “very sophisticated”. 

“tangro deals with the handling of credit memos for incorrect invoices very well.”

Moreover, it is now also possible to process invoices for blanket purchase orders, i.e. to post invoices up to a specific value limit which can be posted without goods receipt. Thanks to this successful automation of invoice verification Matthias Meir is completely satisfied with tangro.

“The accounting department administrators in the different countries are comfortable using tangro with S/4HANA. The same applies to the workflow users.”

Using tangro software, Creaton processes all incoming invoices in S/4HANA quickly and automatically in the private cloud in a way that is easy to use for employees.


Creaton is one of Europe's leading roofing brands. The company, which has been part of the Terreal Group since 2021, has a comprehensive range of products for pitched roofs and produces and distributes clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles and system accessories as well as PV systems throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In Wertingen near Augsburg, the founding site of the traditional company, high-quality products for pitched roofs have been manufactured for over 130 years.

Using tangro we have implemented a solution with S/4HANA, private Cloud which runs smoothly and is fun.
Matthias Meir Head of Procurement & Photovoltaics at Creaton
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