EDI flexible and easy to use

With the tangro EDI converter tangro offers a flexibly adaptable and pragmatic tool for the exchange of structured data. The software automatically generates a PDF, which even an EDI novice can visually check and see at a glance where which data is missing or where there are discrepancies.

Anyone who works with EDI messages on a daily basis will however know that errors can occur even here. As soon as the agreed standards and structures are not followed to the letter, the electronic data interchange may run into problems. Users inexperienced in standard EDI solutions face the huge problem of finding the cause of error in the highly cryptic data. The IT department usually has to be contacted, making things even more complicated.

tangro EDI converter automatically generates a PDF, which is displayed on the monitor in parallel with the document data. Even an EDI novice can visually check this screen and see at a glance where which data is missing and/or where there are discrepancies. This process is just as simple as with a document scanned using OCR. The tangro EDI converter processes invoices as well as order data and supports all key standard formats, including EDIFACT and XML-based formats such as ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and EbInterface.

The software can be flexibly adapted to existing business processes and maps company-specific rules and requirements. For example, the converter automatically adds to the received message additional information, such as source of supply or company code, information which is needed for fully automatic further processing. Error-free documents can therefore be posted without the administrator having to intervene - as is commonplace with EDI.

What's more, rules can be specified to prevent background posting if this is expressly not wanted. If necessary, the converter also automatically initiates a workflow, to forward documents, e.g. to the right agent or the right organizational unit. Incoming EDI data is stored as a tangro document. This prevents incorrect data from being transferred to SAP, where due to errors it could not be processed any further and would therefore halt the process as the data wouldn't be in a legible form.

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