Comfortable separation and processing of document stacks

tangro presents a solution for separate processing of batchwise scanned documents. With the new document separator, several incoming documents that have been scanned simultaneously or received as a complete file are automatically divided into individual documents and can then be processed and posted independently in SAP.

Thus tangro software facilitates and accelerates the mass digitalization and processing of incoming documents such as invoices, order confirmations or delivery notes. Companies save even more time and costs.

The separation of the entire file into individual documents can be defined according to various criteria according to the company-specific requirements. A division can be made by barcodes or QR codes, for example, periodically according to defined intervals or fixed page numbers. In the application of these methods, the new solution offers maximum flexibility: different barcode types are supported, and the different ways of splitting can also be combined with each other. In addition, comprehensive options are available for individual configuration.  In this way, the new document separator is particularly easy to adapt to the company's special requirements.

tangro software for separating documents.
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