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Follow-up costs under control

It is not unusual for the first deliveries of software solutions received by companies to grow over time in response to customer-specific requirements or changes to the law. Software manufacturers normally develop the enhancements needed by the customer for this customer only in the form of modifications to their system. If another customer needs the same functionality, this is also implemented in their system for a charge. The software manufacturer makes money from each enhancement.

Here at tangro we consciously took a different approach right from the start. In collaboration with our customers, we develop the desired enhancements not just for that particular customer, but in the core tangro product. Over time, we produce numerous enhancements in response to customer’s requests, each of which is integrated directly into the core product. This approach ensures that all current and future enhancements are integrated into tangro products from the outset.

Every customer-specific enhancement is initially only provided to the customer in question. Then, once a year, all enhancements are supplied to all customers in the form of a transport. In other words, alls customers receive all our enhancements. They can use them, but they don’t have to.

By the time they are supplied to everyone, the enhancements have already been put through their paces by our customers and therefore have been proven to meet stringent quality requirements.

A customer only pays for an enhancement which he or she has requested. All other enhancements, requested and paid for by other customers, are provided free of charge and covered by software maintenance. Each customer therefore benefits from all other tangro customers.

Although the scope of function is growing all the time, software maintenance doesn't. tangro does not use release upgrades, whereby software manufacturers include some of the modifications undertaken for customers into their core product after a number of years. We don't believe in expensive release upgrades and all the adjustments this results in for customers. Experience has shown that these often run into five-digit sums.

Our customers therefore receive tangro enhancements faster, more efficiently and generally for free.

Cost securitiy thanks to the tangro philosophy.
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